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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Levels of Need framework

Image description

The Devon Support Windscreen shows a semicircle split into four sections.

These sections, from left to right, are: Universal (level 1); Early Help (level 2); Targeted Help (level 3); Specialist (level 4).

The sections get increasingly smaller as you move to the right (up the levels). This is to represent the idea that we should identify and tackle issues early, therefore most of the work should fall in Universal (level 1).

The details contained within each section are as follows:

Universal (level 1) – Personalised universal services

Early Help (level 2) – Additional needs met by Universal and Targeted Help working together.

Targeted Help (level 3) – Multi-agency approach required using Early Help Assessment and lead professional family team response.

Specialist (level 4) – Specialist and high-level interventions often involving statutory process.

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