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Become exploitation-aware for Anti-Slavery Day

Become exploitation-aware for Anti-Slavery Day on Friday 18th October

Modern slavery and human trafficking are major local and national issues. These forms of exploitation affect people of all ages, genders and nationalities. It can involve enslavement, forced labour, people trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced participation in criminal activities.

Locally, concerns over modern slavery and human trafficking continue to rise:

  • The number of modern slavery victims identified across the South West tripled from 2015-2018 (HM Government).
  • Sexual and labour exploitation continue to be key local threats (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2019).
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking are key elements of county lines and other forms of drug exploitation – locally we are witnessing more county lines referrals which relate to the enslavement or trafficking of people for the purposes of transporting and selling drugs.

Modern slavery and human trafficking can take place anywhere but are usually hidden from view. Becoming aware of the signs of these forms of exploitation will enable you to help us identify and tackle this issue in our local area.

Safer Devon’s Preventing Exploitation Toolkit provides information about modern slavery, human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. It will help you increase your knowledge of these issues, spot the signs and report concerns that someone is being exploited.

You can visit the toolkit at:

All of us can do our bit to become aware of the signs of modern slavery and human trafficking. The Preventing Exploitation Toolkit is a great resource for increasing your knowledge about these issues, helping you to identify and act on concerns that exploitation is taking place.