Children and Young People’s Plan 2019-2023

We want to ensure children and families receive the right support, at the right time, and in the right place.

We believe that every child in Devon should have the best possible start in life and the opportunity to thrive

We believe children are best brought up in families with the right support that wraps around them when needed

We recognise and value diversity in all its forms and know that families come in many different shapes and sizes and that these unique relationships are the fundamental building block of people’s lives. Communities across Devon are often very different and diverse in nature and can play a vital role in helping to give children and families the support they need.

Our 4 principles are:

  • Children are best brought up in families
  • We will support families to find their own solutions
  • We will listen to each other and work together with services shaped by all
  • Children and families will always know where they stand with us

What sort of plan now?

  • Something to communicate our priorities to children and families clearly
  • That gives a strong identity to be proud of
  • That challengeskeeps us on our toes, agile and ready for the future
  • That is aspirational and ambitious and talks to the heart and mind
  • That is human, with a focus on purpose, impact and outcomes for our children and their families
  • That helps to create the conditions for good practice to flourish, both restorative and trauma informed
  • And is fit for a digital world – is adaptable, flexible and connects things up

Our priorities:

We have set clear priorities for action in each main area of our activity, backed by specific plans and strategies.

  • Life Chances – achieve their potential with the opportunities to thrive
  • Be Healthy and well – have the best start in life, stay well and thrive.  With good information and specialist help when they need it
  • Feel safe – be protected from neglect and supported when vulnerable
  • Be Protected from Harm – swift action to protect them from harm,  abuse and exploitation

How we work:

We will always aim to help children and families be more resilient, strengthen relationships and build social connections and are committed to working together to:

  • Listen, hear and understand
  • Get under the surface to understand what is driving your problems
  • Help you help yourself through information, advice and support as early as possible
  • Support your whole family & build on your strengths where needed
  • Be flexible, adaptable and personalised
  • Work in ways that are right for you with support that is integrated and community-based