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Devon’s Children’s Service announces name of new SEND model, chosen by you!

The name for a new integrated, wraparound support system for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), due to go live next year, has been announced.

The new SEND model has been designed in collaboration with parents and carers, professionals and children and young people with SEND, and aims to ensure that every child or young person gets the support they and their families need and achieve their best in life.

And the winning name chosen by you was… ‘SEND Connect’!

SEND Connect, which will start to come to life next year, brings together support services offered through education settings, health services and social care to offer a more streamlined and easily accessible service which can make a real difference to  children, young people and their families.

SEND Connect will be locality based and will  offer schools a more organised way of accessing support for their pupils and will provide school professionals, parents, and carers with somewhere to go for support and advice.

Devon County Council and partners continue to work up the final design and implementation ready for an anticipated launch date of Autumn 2022.

The SEND Connect name was chosen by those working with, or who have lived experience of supporting and caring for children or young people with SEND. Once the new model starts to be implemented from Autumn 2022, it’s hoped that those with SEND will feel more connected, informed and more supported, and feel able to achieve their full potential.

This work is all part of Devon County Council’s SEND Transformation Programme which aims to improve the way services work together to support children and young people.