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Early Help

Getting started quick reference guide – Right for Children

To access Right for Children log in to:

Starting a new case

Click ‘Start New Case’ tab at the top of the Practitioners Dashboard.

In the ‘Case Name’ box,type the Case Name (you need to follow the set Naming Convention – Surname(s) of Family)

Duplicate case check will automatically check for duplicates with existing cases. Check using First name and Last name, check using Date of birth or Postcode as well.

To Start a New Case in the Case Name Box : Type the Surname(s) of Family.
Click the Blue Plus button ‘Create Case’ and confirm.

The case will now open.

Adding family members

Under Next Steps click ‘Take me There’ Button to Add Family Members.

Complete all the Mandatory Fields: Name, Date of Birth, Contact Details and Address Fields, under address tick Main address and click the save button.

Add subsequent family members by clicking on the Green Plus Family Icon Button. This will appear after saving your initial family member or can be found on the Summary Screen for the Family.

Adding Family Member relationship to subsequent Family Members will allow the system to draw a genogram of family relationships. Choose from the dropdown list eg Child and then in the relationship to box use the dropdown list to choose the name of the parent.

Add all family members before you create the consent.

Record consent

Consent is required from each family member over the age of 13, parents/ carers can give consent for their children under 13 years.

On summary screen The Next Steps box will direct you to record Consent if it has not been completed – Click Take me there button.
Alternatively click on Documents.

Click on Case Observations – Click the Blue + icon to add a new Observation
Create new – click green create button.

Complete Form. Under Type of Note Select “Consent”.
Select all case members that consent applies to.
Write consent given in the Notes box
Next upload the signed consent form – click upload file.
Finally click Save green button.

Team around the family

This allows you to add other professionals working with the family to contribute to the assessment and the plan.

Click ‘Team Around the family’ on the top blue bar.

Click Blue + Icon

Select : TAF member type : Case Administrator
Lead Practitioner

Search professionals name in Enter a search term box. Use either First or Last name.

Select Professionals Name

Select Add selected user to TAF.

Repeat to add all members to TAF.

Once added all TAF members need to contribute their agency information to the assessment and plan it is not the responsibility of the Lead Practitioner.

Once you have been added to a case once you will not be able to add yourself in another role and you will not appear on the search list.

When your involvement with a case ends you can remove yourself from this list – but first update the case with your closing notes in an Observation, then remove yourself.

Creating an Early Help Assessment (EHA)

On the Summary page click ‘Take Me There’ button under the next steps section.

Alternatively click on the Documents tab

In the Documents Folders list select Assessment and click the Blue + button and selecting create.

All fields marked with a red asterix need to be completed. All Practitioners working with the family need to contribute to the assessment making it clear which member of the family they are assessing. The assessment is for the whole family so name each family member and include an update on all of them.

You need to click along the tabs at the top of the assessment saving after each page inputting the appropriate information.

Services tab – add other agencies involved in supporting the family.

Practitioners must save all the information that they add by clicking on the Green Save icon at each page.

Only the Lead Practitioner can Save as Final (Red Save Icon) once all agencies have contributed.

Open / Closed Assessments can be accessed by clicking on the documents tab clicking on back to folders list and selecting Assessment Files.

Agree plan

This will appear under the next steps tab once an assessment has been finalised you can access the plan by clicking the [Take me There] button.
Alternatively click on the Documents tab, Documents Folders list.

Select Plan and Review, Click Green+ button and click create. Complete all the red asterix boxes.

To add actions click on Add Actions tab and complete the sections.

Use the Tabs to open the other pages, family Worry Details, Family Feedback etc.
Save the Plan as Draft using the Green save button as you go along.

Make the Plan Final after the TAF meeting.

At the next TAF meeting open a new Plan & Review using the Blue + button.
To pull through the values from the previous Plan use the Blue ! refresh button and then update with the new TAF date, attendees etc.

On subsequent Plan & Reviews Actions that have been completed can be deleted individually using the small red X next to the Action.

Complete Early Help Assessment Review

Right for Children allows you to complete an assessment review and auto populate the new assessment with the information from the old assessment so that you can update and amend the assessment without having to re-input all the information.

The original assessment will need to be finalised in order for you to be able to review an assessment. Best practice is to review the Early help Assessment every 12 months or if there is a significant change for the family.

Go to the documents tab. Click back to folder list. Select assessment click Blue + button to create a new Assessment.

To auto populate the assessment you need to select the auto populate icon which is Blue ! with the refresh icon.
Follow the on screen instructions and the assessment will auto- populate.

Remember to do this first and then up date it otherwise you will lose the additional data you have input.

When you click in the text boxes your name and the date will automatically be added – this will show where you have updated the Assessment.


To print hover over the print icon and select how you wish to print t

Closing a case

At Pre-assessment Stage:
1. Add a case observation outlining the reason for the case closure. Documents/ Case Observations/ +
2. Add a note to the case summary. Summary page/ case chronology/ Case Observation update/ click on add comment/ give brief reason for observation e.g. case closed consent withdrawn.
3. Close case. Summary Screen click on the red cross to close the case.

At the Assessment Stage:
Finalise the assessment. If you have completed a partial assessment, you can just add that family have withdrawn consent or the case needs to close in each of the boxes.
Under the next step tab select reason i.e Family disengaged / refused support.
Complete steps 1, 2, 3 as above.

At the In-Progress Stage:
Close any open actions in the plan and review and save as final. Add information to all fields.
Complete conclusion. Choose from drop down –“ If a multi-agency early help response is no longer needed, please indicate why”.
Save Plan and Review as Final.
Create a Final Summary under Documents and give the reason for closing the case.
Save it as final.
Complete steps 1, 2, 3. Please note that even if you create a final summary you will need to click on the red cross to close the case otherwise it will remain open.


If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person in Devon,
please complete the request for support online form.


If you think that the child is at risk of significant harm,
contact our Front Door directly by calling 0345 155 1071.


In an emergency call 999.