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Child Protection Group 3 Refresher


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

This course is a refresher, when your training requires updating and you have previously completed Multi Agency Safeguarding and Child Protection Group 3 Core training.

An interactive course that has a focus on levels of need, and child protection definitions. The course develops participants understanding of risk within child safeguarding practice, by breaking down risk in a way that enables delegates to assess and analyse risk, and monitor the risk trajectory. It moves on to cover creating outcome focussed plans to manage and reduce risk effectively.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation Policy – unless there are extenuating circumstances, you will be charged if you don’t attend or if you cancel your place less than 4 weeks before the training date. Even if the training is fully funded by the Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership (DSCP), we still maintain the right to charge as non-attendance prevents someone else from attending. We will invoice your organisation for £130 for a full-day course and £65 for a half-day course.
This course is fully-funded for Partners (including  Health (NHS), Education (please check), (EY), Children Services & Probation). Other organisations may have to pay. We charge £65 for a half day course and £130 for a full-day course.
What are extenuating circumstances? – extenuating circumstances are circumstances beyond your control which have had an impact on your ability to attend a course. Generally, they are circumstances of a medical or personal nature that are out of your control, and which could not be prevented.  They must have had a significant impact on your ability to attend, for example, significant illness, bereavement, having to attend court, being a victim of crime or another acute trauma.  It is important to remember that only the most serious extenuating circumstances will be considered.
If you are unsure as to whether you have to pay or have any other query, please email

There is a cost of £130 to attend this training if your organisation is not funded.

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