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Life Chances

Equality and diversity

Young people in Devon have explicitly called for more to be done to address racism, discrimination and inequality across our communities.

As a partnership we are committed to eliminating negative discrimination, providing equality of opportunity and challenging prejudice in order to advance the achievement of equality and foster good relations between diverse groups and individuals in Devon.

An equal society values human diversity, recognising that diversity brings a range of skills, knowledge, values, styles, perspectives and ideas that secure Devon’s future as a place where families want to live, work and prosper, and challenges the inequalities that destroy this diversity in our society and organisations.

As a partnership, we are committed to Devon County Council’s ambition to achieve equality and stand firmly behind the position statement to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion by design. As part of our strategic aims, we have made addressing inequalities a core priority.


If you are concerned that a child is being abused, or to request support, you can:

Call 0345 155 1071

Complete the request for support online form

If it’s an emergency call 999