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New 3-day programme for Devon Children’s Services


Devon Transforming Care Partnership are funding a 3 day programme for Children’s Services on Individual Service Design (ISD).

What is an Individual Service Design (ISD)?

Individual Service Design planning is person-centred planning process which can be used with adults, young people or children. An ISD will contain all the information needed to commission effective support services that a person will need to live a good life. This can either be through a personal budget or traditional commissioning. The Individual Service Design is an in-depth ‘service’ specification.

Sometimes plans are written for people by professionals who have little knowledge of the person, that do not involve the person and the people that know them well. These often use historical information which is not ratified by the person and this can result in a plan that does not express the views that the person, and those who know them best, necessarily agree with. Traditional discharge plans also often tend to concentrate on the person’s ‘behaviours’ and failures and in doing so miss their strengths, resilience and support networks. A plan not based on the views of the person and those that know them well and which concentrates on the risks and the negatives will fail to understand the whole person. Any ‘service’ resulting from ineffective plans is likely to fail in the long term.

The Individual Service Design will centre on the views of the person and the people that know them best. These views will be collected through a facilitated process and the person and their family will be fully involved in this process. If the person cannot contribute, it will not take place unless an advocate or family are involved instead.

It is explained to people, who are part of the process, that by being involved and having the opportunity to comment and add to/amend the draft plan they are agreeing to implementing the final plan.

By learning from the person’s life so far, capturing their hopes & dreams, talents, strengths, skills, hobbies and interests the Individual Service Design takes into consideration and provides solutions for the most ‘challenging’ of situations the person might encounter and ultimately aims to keep them healthy, safe and valued as a citizen.

When and where is the training programme?

Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre: 5 – 6 February & 16 March 2020

For more information on the structure of the programme, please click here.

How to book

To reserve your place on the course, please contact Laura Lewis: