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COVID-19 and what next

Work and training

Young people have told us that they are worried about the availability of work and training opportunities open to them later in life.

The pandemic has caused significant disruption to children’s education across the country, with the closing of schools to most pupils for several months. In addition, the national restrictions forced many businesses to close their doors in order to help us stop the spread of the virus. While we are yet to fully understand the long-term impacts of COVID-19, it is likely to have a significant impact on the economic health of the UK and rest of the world.

In order to recover from these impacts and build our economy back better, young people will need to have the education, training and employment opportunities to develop their skills and experience. We believe that children and young people should be at the heart of the economic recovery.

Our Children and Young People’s Plan commits to being ambitious for all children and young people, helping them achieve their potential and have the opportunities to training, education and employment in order to become independent and thrive. It is also clear that we hold a strong focus on disadvantage and want to help everyone to access their right to an education, be included and achieve their full potential.


If you are concerned that a child is being abused, or to request support, you can:

Call 0345 155 1071

Complete the request for support online form

If it’s an emergency call 999