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Pathways – support for young people with complex health needs

What’s the problem?

For young adults with complex health needs there is a risk that secondary specialist health care becomes fragmented at the age of 18 years. During childhood a Paediatrician is often involved who works with GPs and other professionals. Families are anxious that they will struggle to access professionals in the adult world who “really know” their child’s needs, and that health issues will escalate.

How is Pathways making a difference?

Pathways provides a way to optimise the health care for young people with complex health needs making the transition to adult services, by providing a specialist team and point of contact. The complex nature of the young person’s health needs are understood and addressed, with clear plans for any hospital treatment or admissions.

Paediatricians can refer directly to an Adult Consultant Physician. These doctors are experienced in looking after adults with complex needs and liaising with GPs and other professionals. There is a strong emphasis on involving the whole of the team who know and care for this vulnerable group of adults.

Can I refer someone to the project?

If you know a young person who may benefit from this model of healthcare please contact Jasmine Heslop – Paediatric Liaison and Transition Nurse, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

01392 408477 

Download the ‘Pathways’ Flyer (pdf)