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Ensuring pupils on reduced timetables are accounted for

Following an inspection of DCC in early 2020, Ofsted have been clear to emphasise the safeguarding responsibility on schools for children who are not on a full timetable.

During the inspection, it was evident that some headteachers were not able to account where or who the child was with during their absences from school.

It is important to remember that schools have safeguarding responsibility for all pupils on roll, and therefore must be aware that they are responsible for the safeguarding and welfare of all pupils on roll who are off-site during school hours – even if a parent/carer agreement to any reduced timetable arrangement has been made.

The reporting form to DCC seeks to ensure that schools have effectively considered this through a multi-disciplinary team and seeks clarity on:

  • Any safeguarding concerns
  • How any safeguarding concerns have been assessed and mitigated
  • Any Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) referrals or missing episodes highlighted
  • Who is the adult responsible at these time of absence from school.

This information has also been distributed in Dawn Stabb’s weekly update to headteachers. We would be grateful if you would share this key piece of information within teams.