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Bounce Back – a new restorative justice project

Bounce Back logo

The Devon Youth Offending Service (YOS) is running a new restorative justice project called Bounce Back.

The purpose of the service is to prevent the criminalisation of children in care. It is known that a large majority of young people in care do not offend but for a minority of children in care offending is a real issue.

We are offering support directly to all children in care between the ages of 10 – 18 and/or their parents/carers. Referrals are welcome from anyone working with the young person, but their Social Worker must support this. The referral is voluntary, meaning the young person will need to give their consent to undertake the work.

Support may take the form of the following (the list is not exhaustive; each case would be different):

  • Work around behaviour management
  • Therapeutic parenting support
  • Restorative justice conferences
  • Work to ‘put right’ damage caused by offending behaviour
  • Specific targeted offending behaviour work

More in-depth information(SharePoint) regarding the project and a referral form(SharePoint) are available on Sharepoint.

If you have any further questions or wish to speak about a possible referral, please contact  Helen Howarth,  Sam Holliday and  Tom Rolinson.