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Keeping children safe

Special needs and disabilities

Some children and young people have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

If you think your child has special educational needs or a disability, speak to the professionals already working with your family, such as your health visitor, child’s teacher or GP. They can help you to get the support you may need.

Information for professionals about protecting children with disabilities can be found here.

What support is available?

Find out more about Devon’s SEND Local Offer  – education, health and social care services and support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) from birth to 25.

This is a comprehensive source of information about the support and facilities you can expect to find in and around your area. The information has been developed and organised with the help of parent carers, and includes:

Devon’s SEND strategy

More information about Devon’s SEND strategy for 2021-2024 is available on the SEND website.


Getting help

Devon Information and Support Service (DIAS)

Impartial and confidential local information, advice and support, for parents, carers and young people, around all aspects of SEND for education, health and care.


Charity supporting everyone living with complex disabilities, including children and young people. Offer online guidance and information about SEND.


More information about SEND, including questions to think about when choosing a school or other educational setting.

If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person in Devon,
please complete the request for support online form.


If you think that the child is at risk of significant harm,
contact our Front Door directly by calling 0345 155 1071.


In an emergency call 999.