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Youth Parliament team meet for first time

The new UK Youth Parliament Devon team are now in post and have started work to create a Countywide Manifesto.

The UK Youth Parliament Devon elections took place in February and March, and the team met for the first time on Saturday 2 April to discuss their priority issues. These issues are, in part, based on the results of the Make Your Mark ballot and local election results as well as other countywide surveys that have been recently conducted with young people.

Working alongside members of the newly formed Devon Youth Council, the Youth Parliament team will continue to shape their plans over the coming weeks; the outcome of which will be the creation of a Countywide Manifesto that will outline key messages from young people across Devon. This document is set to be published on Friday 20 May and will be shared with decision makers with the ambition to shape their key campaigns.

Speaking after the first team meeting, MYP for Mid & East, Emiko, said:

“It was great to meet the rest of the team; everyone here is passionate about making real change in Devon. I’m a firm believe that national action begins at the local level. And if we can make a difference here, that can lead to a much wider impact across the South West and beyond.”

Joe, the South Hams & Teignbridge MYP, added:

“I can’t wait to represent the young people who elected me. We’ve had a really good day discussing policy and getting our plans ready; there’s certainly lots of potential to put some great ideas in place.”

Other members of the team were similarly enthusiastic.

Deputy MYP for Exeter, Otto, said:

“I’m really excited to be working to represent young people in Exeter and Devon as a whole. We discussed lots of really good, interesting ideas today, and I can’t wait to get going.”

And Tymek, North, West and Torridge Deputy MYP, said:

“I’m happy to be part of the Youth Parliament. It’s been good to meet the other members of the team, and I want to do what I can to make a change in North Devon and Torridge”

George, one of the Deputy MYPs for Mid & East, said:

“I’ve really enjoyed today and learning about all the things that you have to do as a member of Youth Parliament.”

While South Hams & Teignbridge Deputy MYP Megan, added:

“It was great to meet everyone and to get started on planning our campaigns. I’m so pleased with all the people who I’m working with; it’s a really great team, and I’m sure that everyone across Devon will be pleased with who represents them in their constituencies.”