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Watch out for coronavirus ‘test and trace’ scam

The Devon Trading Standards team is warning everyone to be aware of scammers looking to exploit the new NHS Test and Trace service. 

They are concerned that some people, particularly the vulnerable or elderly, could be susceptible to fake calls or messages from criminals looking to get access to personal information or trick them into handing over money.

Remember, the NHS Test and Trace service is completely free, so they will never ask you for any form of payment or financial information or to provide any passwords, bank account details or PIN numbers.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with how the system works and know what you will and won’t be asked by the contact tracers so you can spot these scams.

Devon County Council are one of 11 national Beacon Councils helping lead the development of the new local test and trace plan. It means that Devon will now be at the forefront of responding and managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak at a local level and will share good practice across the region.