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A guide to add a case observation on Right for Children

Adding a Case Observation

Observations should be added when:

– contact is made to the family (telephone, text or skype/WhatsApp)
– a referral is submitted, or letter written
– any email correspondence between family and professionals
– a home visit is made
– any other visit is made to a service
– a family is discussed at Triage
– a MASH enquiry is made
– any other meeting takes place which isn’t a TAF Meeting
– any supervision discussion about the family

Step 1

On the summary page, select Documents (dark blue tab). This will take you through to a new screen as shown in Step 2

summary page of a case on Right for Children

Step 2

Click on the Case Observation Folder – you will be redirected to a further page (as shown in step 3)

screenshot of the documents page


Step 3

Click on the blue circle with white plus found on the right-hand side of page.
Note: depending on how your screen is set up, this button may appear towards the bottom of the screen

screenshot of the case observation page

Step 4

Once you have clicked the blue plus icon a pop up will appear checking that you wish to add a new observation. Click the green button ‘create’

screenshot to show how to create a new observation

Step 5

Once step 4 has been taken, you will be redirected to a new page where you can add the observation as shown in the screenshot below.

The date the observation entered into the system is automatic. The date of the observation will be the date that the email was sent, the date that the referral was made or when the telephone call took place.

Enter the observation as applicable, ticking which family members the observation relates to, as shown in screenshot below.

screenshot to show new page where the observation is added

Step 6

Any document which relates to the observation eg: referral form or email must be uploaded onto the observation as evidence. Click the ‘upload file’ green button as shown below.

screenshot showing the upload file green button

Step 7

Find the relevant document on your PC/Laptop or Tablet and select. Please wait until your file is completely uploaded.

screenshot to show searching for documents

Step 8

Once the relevant file is selected and uploaded to the system, you can save the observation using the green ‘floppy disk’ logo button – again shown on the right-hand side of the screen. Again, depending on how your screen is set up, this button may appear towards the bottom of the screen.

screenshot showing the save the observation using the green ‘floppy disk’ logo button

Step 9

A green bar will appear along the bottom of the screen to confirm that the observation has been saved. As per the below screenshot. Do not navigate away from this page until you see this confirmation. If you do not see the observation first time then click the green ‘floppy disk’ logo save button again.

screenshot showing message you need to see before ending



If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person in Devon,
please complete the request for support online form.


If you think that the child is at risk of significant harm,
contact our Front Door directly by calling 0345 155 1071.


In an emergency call 999.