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This week is social work week 2022

This week is Social Work Week, and we want to thank everyone for the work that you do and the difference that we make to children and families across Devon.

Social Care is and always has been a high-pressured environment. The pace at which we work often means that we don’t take the time to step back and recognise how much we profoundly impact the lives of children, families and our partners. Social Work Week is an opportunity to reflect on our career choice with huge pride. It would be great to remember what brought you into Children’s Social Care in the first place this week. and share and celebrate this with your teams and colleagues.

There are a lot of online events planned through the Social Work England Website.

Other professional networks are running events as well. The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) have a range of events, and you can also find out more about World Social Work Month 2022. There’s also a webinar called ‘Where’s the Evidence’ that will be taking place on Tuesday 15 March at 11am. You can sign up to the webinar here.