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Pre-birth Referral Pathways – Update

All professionals in contact with pregnant mothers should routinely assess the needs of the mother and unborn baby, gathering as much information as possible and make timely referrals to ensure the right support is offered and identify when a pre-birth assessment is required. The Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership (Devon SCP) has adopted a multi-agency model (Levels of Need) to help professionals assess safeguarding needs for children and young people.

As we continue to develop our pathways to support for our pre-birth families, we would like to advise you of the following changes that will begin with immediate effect. The following referral routes have been agreed to ensure pregnant mothers receive the right support, by the right services at the right time.

Please note: Any requests that come through the front door requesting the Family Intervention Team (FIT), and are either, accepted for FIT or outcome to external level 3 support or universal /level 2, the front door will send the information to the EH locality mailboxes so the family can be added to the relevant locality pregnancy support pathway meeting.

Consent should be sought, and referrers should ensure that they have discussed the referral  with parent/s and seek consent unless there are concerns that would place the unborn child at risk.