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Impact of leaders

Senior leaders have not had good enough oversight of inadequate practice or systematically informed improvement.

Our aspiration:

Our leaders and managers will do more to ensure that we are confident that our expectations are being achieved for all the children and young people we are working with, particularly the most vulnerable.

What we need to improve:

  • Strategic oversight and grip our leaders have on areas for improvement
  • Oversight of senior leaders, including case audits and supervision

How we will do it:

  • Weekly tracking of priority children and young people
  • Refresh approach to Corporate Parenting 
  • Revise quality assurance framework to strengthen practice evaluation and learning
  • Strengthen use of reflective supervision

How we will know we’ve made a difference:

  • Senior leaders will have an effective oversight of the quality of practice and outcomes for children and young people
  • The quality of social work practice will be consistently good.
  • Children, young people and their families will tell us that the support we have provided has improved their lives

If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person in Devon,
please complete the request for support online form.


If you think that the child is at risk of significant harm,
contact our Front Door directly by calling 0345 155 1071.


In an emergency call 999.